Web 2.0

 Google Original and old media have taught audiences to be consumers. Although Google have some good content it still has the top- down structure. Web 2.0 is the new generation that has now allowed audiences to have their voice to be heard, just like the S.B.TV ad everyone participating in the ad shows their own versions of a track giving in new different ideas. Google chrome has all social media’s put in one page, this helps the use of all social networks get used together for example in S.B.TV, a person would make a video many people would press the ‘like’ button get ratings, therefore more people would be able to view it. The chrome is good for S.B.TV because once people see these video’s, the way the chrome has been formatted has made it easy for them to access social pages like Face Book or Twitter to share these videos through embedded codes, which is one of the success of Web 2.0. Another good example of is the ‘Dear Sophie’ ad. The Father easily uses the chrome to put together his letters to his daughter. He went from Gmail, YouTube and also Google maps etc. The Google chrome ad celebrates web 2.0 in an amazing way that has never been done before.

Gauntlet says. “We sat around while unprecedented destruction of our natural world has taken place.” This does suggest that audiences of traditional media learnt to be passive.  He calls it a “sit back and be told” attitude. Gauntlet is very hopeful about the Internet especially web 2.0. He sees it as a tool which could facilitate making and sharing, that it could invite audiences to become active and engaged with the world around them.  Gauntlett uses an allotment park as a metaphor for what web 2.0 could mean to us. He says that when big media business were dictating our culture, it was like we all had separate allotment parks and we as people did not share anything but we kept all our content to our self. But now with web 2.0 it’s like we only have one allotment park and anyone is welcome to come in to share or receive the content of this park, and this is an example of web 2.0 and why it is so important to us.

In conclusion the Google chrome ad not only show that Google chrome is a great example of Web 2.0, but it also shows ideas of media convergence, the Bizarre and free culture. All adverts have participatory culture and also celebrate this. The Internet is a new and radical form of technology which has the potential to absolutely change the way culture is made and received.  By culture we mean the way the world is experienced and shared and understood.  People are no longer dependent on the cultural products of big media businesses; instead there is more pluralism and more grass roots creative power. Media now exists on the World Wide Web and in our pockets as smart phones, Mp3 podcasts etc. We are no longer just consumers but also producers, supporting the point that web 2.0 makes a huge contrasts to the world’s culture.


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