This is it…The Google chrome ad’s celebrates the idea of web 2.0 and has a clear understanding of web 2.0 and other theories. As a result I am going to create a Google chrome story, telling a story of how I and everyone used the media to create their own projects. We all have our talents and it’s only now that everyone can start to see what they are and what we can do using digital equipment.  Being able to upload it onto YouTube and sharing it on FaceBook through the chrome will demonstrate the idea that the whole world can connect with each other and we can all share our hard work and talents. Once upon a time people was not able to share any of their ideas, as we all had to take in one representation, but now the making and sharing culture has given people big opportunities to share ideas and be creative. So being able to go through everyone’s ideas in the class and putting it together as one story for Google chrome then formatting it on a mp3 is good example of convergence culture and web 2.0. Celebrating the achievements and talents like singing, dancing, and acting. Its shows what the masses do have talent and can share it with the world.


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