Participation and Convergence

More recently, Jenkins research has been focused on the concept of “Media Convergence”.  Google chrome is a great example of convergence culture where all social networks are converted into one place, Google chrome. Google chrome can also be downloaded as apps into technology devices like via I pad, HTC and I phone. For example in the Lady Gaga ad, it first shows her on Twitter through her laptop connecting to all her fans, later on in the ad she creates a dance uploads it onto her phone through to Face Book, YouTube and Twitter, then audience take it from their own devices. Devices where all platforms are put into one from moving image, websites and print are known as convergence. This convergence culture is very quickly shaping our world into a digital one. Another example is in S.B.TV, as one persons rapping goes up in rating in YouTube, other individuals take that as inspiration to create their own versions to put up on YouTube, which would be O.K. for these artists because they would not have been signed at the time of this ad. If they had been signed with a big music company they would most probably be under Copy Right all rights reserved, which would mean no one would be allowed to take the track unless you pay for it.  

Jenkins theory was the idea of Media Convergence. New and digital media have created a world of convergence. An example of this is the story of ‘Bert is Evil’, where a little boy in his bedroom computer created a joke of an image of Bert from Sesame Street with Osama Bin Laden. This joke got used by an anti-American campaign and got broadcasted on CNN. This was a problem because the company of Sesame Street had no one to sue because the internet has overlapped and converged. This convergence means that consumers are more directly involved in the production of media than ever before. Jenkins used the term ‘Prosumers’ where the audience produce and also are the consumer. This is even more important for companies to keep the copy right law.


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