Making Not Watching

In all three Google chrome adverts they show that the audiences use the technologies to create their own ideas. This is important because it shapes are culture. For example Lady Gaga’s ad has the audience singing her song, however taking her song and putting their creative spin on it, and posting it on YouTube. This represents the all audiences; this generation has become more about taking ideas and putting their own creativity on these ideas. The people in the Gaga ad shows people can participate in what she is doing, they can also aspire to be like her from all their clothing designs and creating their own versions. Creativity is also represented in the Dear Sophie ad. The dad creates an album of letters for his daughter. In are societies there is a disproportionate representation of dad’s our broadcast usually convey are dad’s to be ‘dead beat’ the kind that’s never around, so it’s refreshing to see this advert showing father’s in a good light seeing the relationship between father and daughter. The father in this advert, shows that there are still good, fathers out there.

Lessig believes that there are two types of creativity that shapes the world. One type is commercial and the other kind is free culture. Traditional broadcast had conditioned the mass audience to become consumers; they did not have a voice they took in whatever big media business gave them. Lessig tells a story of John Phillips Suzer (1906). He travelled to the United States to talk about a certain technology ‘the talking machine’ he was not a fan of the talking machine he said “These talking machine are going to ruin the artistic development of music in this country. When I was a boy in front of every house in the summer evenings you would find young people together singing the songs of the day or the old songs… today you hear these infernal machines going night and day we will not have a vocal cord left”. Lessig believes that new media and digital technologies are giving audiences back the chance to be creators and sharers and not just consumers. And a good example of this is Lady Gaga’s ad where everyone young and old is using technology to sing songs of the day giving the audience their voices back.

However the copyright law is a problem. Copyright was set up to protect big businesses in the old media, copyright now is now restricting audiences to be creative and for new media to develop, but now copyright has become pointless law in the new media world. Lessig tells the story of the new industrial development technology. The law of that time was that if a person owns land he owns the land underground and in the sky, but since the industrious revolution in the 20th century and the maker of train network and airplanes owning the sky and underground has become silly, so they abolished that law. This is the same as copyright now that the technology has changed this law makes no sense but they still won’t remove it, because big business puts pressure on the government not to remove the law because that’s how they make their money.


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